Tuesday, October 12, 2010

He Knows

This one's for me. For those times when I wonder if the Father really does take notice of every detail of my life, if He really does know my every thought. Perhaps it will minister to someone else who is struggling.

It was just yesterday that I left a comment on Jennifer's post about prayer. I struggle with prayer, and there are seasons when I am so dry I cannot find words; when prayer becomes rote and empty; when the distance between heaven and earth seems immeasurable. I wrote that I was in such a season now.

This morning I picked up my little devotional, "Joy and Strength" and read the Father's words to me (it just knocks me off my feet when He does this).

"There are some who give up their prayers because they have so little feeling in their prayers - so little warmth of feeling. But who told us that feeling was to be a test of prayer? The work of prayer is a far too noble and necessary work to be laid aside for any lack of feeling. Press on, you who are dry and cold in your prayers, press on as a work and as a duty, and the Holy spirit will, in His good time, refresh your prayers Himself."

Arthur F. Winnington Ingram

"My soul cleaveth unto the dust; quicken Thou me according to Thy word. "
Psalms 119:25



  1. pressing on with you, sister.... may he hear our prayers, and may we cleave today to him... i love you. e.

  2. He is faithful to always come with
    fresh oil for our dry spirit.
    Let's not give up or give in but
    keep pressing in for His times of

  3. Sometimes, life just hurts. Even when there's nothing tangible causing the hurt.

    Thanks for this. I find myself in a season where everything is mundane. There was a time when God was moving in such tangible ways. He was using our ministry and amazing things were happening. Now, it's one foot in front of the other. Questioning -- not my faith, but the confidence of my younger years.

  4. god cares about:
    about you...
    and he wants to hear from us even when we don't want to hear from ourselves!! lol!! just speak your heart...he wants that intimacy...
    love and hugs...

  5. I love how God knows just what to give us when we need it. I can really relate to this post, Linda.

  6. love your free spirits..
    let it be,
    stay happy...