Thursday, September 16, 2010

God Is

The world hangs suspended in the universe
Never colliding
Each day people die and new life begins
Never stopping
Leaves die brilliantly and fall each autumn
Always returning
Birds fly south and then north again
Never forgetting
And yet some say there is no God.

I found this little poem tucked away in one of my little notebooks. I wrote it in high school, and it was published in our school paper. I thought I might share it now. It encourages me to look back at the Father's faithfulness in my life - despite this daughter's fickle heart.

It is my very humble contribution to Emily's imperfect prose.


I took this picture through the window of a tiny church in Wyoming.


  1. Both the poem and the picture are quite lovely.

  2. so many little things we never take into account are His signature..waiting for us to find...

  3. very nice
    I should look at some old things from High School...I remember having 2 stories published in a Christain Sunday School type paper called 'Straight'.

  4. So true! May we never lose our awe of this amazing world and universal system that God created for us...

  5. i love this linda...and the photo is beautiful...

  6. thanks for sharing them poem.
    i like it.
    and the photo is really cool.

  7. love this sweet poem!

  8. i think this is one of my favorites of yours, linda. such bold, simple truths... he is the continuation of it all... the heartbeat of the universe. and the photo-- as if we're seeing through his eyes. so perfect. lovely contribution, friend. love you.

  9. Very good. I'll bet you got an A besides. I am sad because I used to write well and lost everything when I stored all of my precious papers in a crawl space.

  10. This is something I have a hard time understanding as well, through the wonder of it all there has to be a creator! Nice poem!

  11. I love reading here.... and I LOVE the pic/post about Jack! LOVE it.


  12. This is absolutely beautiful, Linda. Just like you. I love imagining a high school aged you penning this.

    luv to you. Thank you for all your encouragement. Romans 15:13. Thank you.

  13. Never colliding

    Isn't that amazing? This piece makes me ponder, Linda. I'm always up for that. And the photo? Oh my...

  14. I do a poetry project with my students every year and it's my favorite assignment. It's the boys who usually surprise themselves the most. As a teacher, I get a glimpse into the depths of the teen and I always learn from it.
    This is profound in its simplicity.
    The photo is awesome. Makes me think about how at some of us try to frame God into a little niche because we're uncomfortable or just can't truly comprehend His vastness.

  15. I think your poem is beautiful and so
    filled with truth. I love the picture
    too. You always cheer me up with your
    sweet words, Linda.

  16. Simple, yet so very eloquent, Linda! I think sometimes people miss the very clear and evident signs as they look right past them. It baffles my mind how anyone can do this, yet it happens.