Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poetry in Motion

Look who came to visit yesterday:

I think the drought has made us the only "watering hole" in the neighborhood.

I had a poem dancing around in my head this morning, but then I glanced out the bedroom window. There they were again, and the Master Poet was busily writing a more eloquent poem than I ever could.

Given to us with joy and grace by a loving Father.

linking to One Stop Poetry today - they are celebrating their first anniversary!



  1. Beautiful photos. ;-) And yes, the Master Poet really is more graceful than I.

  2. Wonderful pic, being the watering hole has its perks.

  3. awww - so lovely..the master poet seems always to find the right words...

  4. and what a lovely poem he pens...smiles. we have a fam of 7 that live in our back yard...

  5. Although deer can be a pest sometimes, I'm always thrilled to see them up close. We have several that come out to graze in the pasture late in the afternoon. That's so nice that they could find water in your yard. God is good! The rains revived us!!

  6. a poem that always brings joy to my heart ...

  7. How precious. I would love
    to be able to see deer that
    close. Their faces are so

  8. That is so sweet Linda! What a neat photo of them drinking from the birdbath! We just saw a baby around our yard this week too. Love the little spots! :)

  9. What a blessing to have them trust enough to come to drink! Such a gift and yes a poem in itself.

  10. Oh, I love this.

    Those fawns are adorable.

  11. oh my sweet (o:
    I love your letter to God.
    It is so true how one emotion snowballs into another...then yikes....avalanche...out of control.
    The emotions women are blessed with can be a problem if we don't try to get a handle on them...with Gods help of course.