Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Dishrags and A Chat

There is a little "dishrag craze" among some of us who love to knit. They are such fun to make, and you have a finished product in one evening. They're also a great project to work on when you're sitting in a hospital waiting room. They make nice little gifts as well. So.....presenting more dishrags:

We have had lovely rains here. Thank You Lord. They are an answer to many prayers. My irises have finally poked their pretty heads up out of the soil. I had about given up on them. I think they were just waiting for some rain.

My Dad had a brief overnight hospital stay yesterday. The surgeon put in the permanent catheter for dialysis in his left arm. It will be two or three weeks before they can use it, so they will continue to use the hemo cath until then.

We took my Mom out for dinner at the Olive Garden. Because of Dad's strict diet, they haven't been able to eat anything with tomato sauce, and for an Italian family that is just tragic. We haven't seen her eat with such gusto in a long time - cleaned her plate. It was fun to see.

We are so thankful for answered prayer in my Dad's life. We have one more medical mystery to solve and then I think my poor Mom can relax a bit. His little toes on both feet are totally black and blue. The doctors seem to be puzzled. They took x-rays a couple of days ago, so we will see what they show. They're very painful and make sitting for the three hour dialysis treatment a little uncomfortable. If we could get that taken care of, I think he would be doing very well with his dialysis.

I don't know what we would do without the confident trust we can have in a God who hears and answers prayer; who never leaves us; who promises to always do what is best. When you can lean into that - you have real hope and peace. He is a great and loving God and we thank Him for all He has done for us.

Have a blessed weekend,


  1. My dad was diagnosed with diabetes last week - a shock at 83. He's having a hard time getting the machine that tests his blood to work and gets frustrated. Mom is having to learn a whole new way of cooking at 80.

    I LOVE the blue dish "rag" - way too pretty to be called a rag. I think I'd almost be tempted to frame it and hang it on the wall - it would match my kitchen so well.

    It has rained/slushy snowed for 3 days - almost unheard of! I can't wait for the sun to come back out and show the majesty of the snow in the mountains, and bring up all those flowers and the beautiful grass will be so green.

  2. Linda, I pray the doctors will have the wisdom and knowledge to figure out what the problem is with your dad's poor little toes and get it fixed.

    Loretta in GA

  3. I've been out of the loop for a while so it's good to have time to catch up with old friends. I love your new blog and your projects look like fun. I'm glad to hear your Dad is making progress. Good luck with the toes. Have a great weekend!

  4. Love the dishrags!! I can't imagine it taking an evening though. I'm sure it'd take me weeks...:)
    I'm glad things are looking up for your dad. We do serve such a loving and faithful God. It's so good to be reminded. Thank you, Linda!

  5. I like your dishrag project. (much more productive than the reading I normally do in a waiting room)
    How great that your Mom got to have her favorite food. I know that your Dad's illness has to be very tough on her as well.

  6. In the last photo, i like the blue one on the pretty! I'd like a few...Just kidding!

    I do hope that your dad gets his tootsies all fixed up and I will keep your parents in my prayers.

    Lots of love to you and have a great weekend

  7. We got rain here today too and apparently it's here to stay for the next few days which is great as it's been so dry here and autumn has been quite mild. I'm glad you took your mom out to dinner, it can be stressful dealing with a spouse who is not well so it probably did her good.

  8. So happy your father is doing so well. I will continue to pray.

    The dishrags are so beautiful...does anyone really use them as dishrags?


  9. Love the different shapes of dishrags you're coming up with! The blue one with the little houses is really cute.

    That was sweet of you guys to treat your mom like that. Glad to hear your Dad is doing better. Hope the docs figure out what is going on with the his poor toes. That would be painful.

  10. Love those dishrags!!!

    Glad to hear about your parents. I'll be praying for comfort for you Dad...and his little toes. I hope they can ease that discomfort soon.

  11. seeing those dishrags make me wish even more I could knit. I will really have to try to find a teacher this summer. Praying for your dad's mystery toe problem

  12. Will pray for your Dad and hope he continues to do better.
    The dishcloths are beautiful!

  13. I love the dishrags... such beautiful colors. I have one on my needles right now because they seem to be my 'go to' thing when I want to knit simple.

    I love that your mom ate so well at dinner. What a treat for her I'm sure. Praying your dad stays well.

  14. Hi, Linda. I followed you here from a comment you left at Bev's (Life of Grits). You said you were trying to learn Continental. I am, too, and am finding it so very frustrating. How I am wishing I had learned that way in the beginning!

    Your little dishcloths are lovely. I especially like the round one.

    Oh, and you know have me intrigued with the Miss Read books! ;-)