Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Flowers

Last week we bought new flowers to replace the ones I pulled out of the little flowerbed that borders the front of our house. We finally got around to planting them this morning.

We (okay - my sweet husband) dug holes for them, planted their roots firmly in their new home, covered them with soil, fed and watered them. Now I am hoping that the deer will find them both unattractive and unappetizing. I chose Rosemary and Lantana for that very reason. I'm perfectly willing to let them eat whatever is growing wild on our property, but I must draw the line at my flowers. We very nearly came to a parting of the ways when they ate my favorite rose bush down to the ground and then proceeded to eat every single one of the two dozen impatiens I had backbreakingly spell check says this isn't a word, but I think it's the only one that works) planted under the oak trees (they would have been so pretty - a veritable carpet of pink and white blooms).

We gave them plenty of growing room because they really do get quite large.

I think the combination of the colors of the flowers is just beautiful.

When the lavender flowers appear on the Rosemary, I think it will be a lovely contrast.

I am happy! I do love flowers.



  1. It will definitely be lovely. As for impatiens, I get impatient with them, because they never come up for me as they do for others - I think they need shade. Sorry the deer love them - but it's pretty neat that you have deer close by.

    Have a very blessed Easter. Are you doing a cantata?

  2. I am sure it will be beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter. Hope your Mom and Dad are doing well. I know what you mean about just wondering what the next phone call will bring. Blessings to you and yours.

  3. Pshaw, what does spell check know? ;v)

    Those sound like they will be lovely, Linda.

  4. hi Linda, just letting you know I"m here and looking forward to reading your new blog. Impatients here are called Busy Lizzies and they pretty much seed everywhere but they are pretty though.

  5. Your bed will be beautiful in a couple of 3 weeks. We had deer eat 1/2 our lawn and feed from birdfeeders a few weeks after Rita hit Beaumont. We were in drought and Rita made it worse, I think the deer were desparate at the time. They walk down the street but are not eating from our yards any longer.

  6. Beautiful new blog Linda! I love the flowers you have planted... and those purple rosemary blooms will go perfectly.

    Have a wonderful Easter dear friend!

  7. It's been awhile since I've been able to get out to blogs and so many people have changes. Enjoy your garden.

  8. I can only imagine how frustrating it can be to have deer eat away what you've labored for! I hope they completely "turn up their noses" to your latana and Rosemary. :-) Oh, to be able to grow Rosemary. I so love it's scent! Rosemary can only be grown indoors here in New England. I once grew it indoors, but managed to kill it. Oh well...I'm happy that you can grow it there!