Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

Ten years ago, my husband and I had the privilege of flying to France with my Mom and Dad to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of D-Day. We watched as my Dad walked among the gleaming white crosses clutching several roses in his hand.

He searched for the crosses of the men with whom he had served. One by one, he laid a rose beside each cross. I saw the father whom I have rarely seen cry, wipe tears from his eyes.

We who have never known the reality of war can never fully understand the profound affect it has on the lives of those who have. I see it in my father and my husband, who served in Vietnam. The bond that forms between those who faced death together in places far from all they loved and held dear, is one that is never broken. The pain of loss is still there, after all these years.

When I listen to their stories, war takes on a personal face. The young soldiers come alive. They were so much more than the pictures we see. They were living, breathing people with hopes and dreams that died with them. We have much to thank them for.

Have a blessed Memorial Day.


  1. So true. Nobody in my family saw action. We were with my nephew who will graduate from West Point a year from now - and then he will be in the real action.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  2. So beautifully said, Linda. What a powerful trip that must have been, and one that created memories to last a lifetime. I am glad that you shared it with us.

    Have a blessed Memorial Day holiday.

  3. Linda,

    Wow, Tears filled my eyes and my heart as you said that your husband laid a rose by each man that he knew or stood by in war. How deeply it bonds and affects the soul, standing together to the point of death to try and accomplish a goal for the greater good over our own lives.
    Thanks for sharing this on Memorial Day!


  4. we live in a community with many military bases. the presence of these men and women is part of the fabric of my living. i am so thankful for their lives given in service to this country.

  5. How beautiful and touching. My Dad was days away from going to Vietnam but was stationed elsewhere at the last minute. I can only imagine the type of deep connection someone makes during war. What a privilege to be over there and experience a little bit of that emotion with your Dad.

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