Thursday, August 20, 2009



She is not grand -
humble proportions and peeling paint
It would not be home without her aging arms
welcoming us as we make our way up the sidewalk
soft light gleaming in the darkness

She graciously invites me to sit in her welcoming presence
an audience to the grand entertainment of life
that graces her surroundings;
Quieting my spirit - tuning my ears to birdsong;
focusing my eyes on the beauty I miss in my busyness.

She sits silently as the pages of books turn;
and the pen works its way over worn journals.
She listens to the echo of a little girl's voice
playing make believe.
Remembers the gray and white kitty
who slept trustingly perched on her railing.

She watches tenderly
when eyes close in weariness
And I sleep in the peaceful silence
that surrounds her.

my poem for L.L. Barkat's poetry prompt "porch"



  1. I liked this part, tucked in the middle...

    "She sits silently as the pages"

  2. "It would not be home without her aging arms"

    I really like this!!

  3. Beautiful! I love porches, but don't have one. I also don't have poetry in my soul - beautiful.

  4. I need to know - did you ever unpack all of your boxes?

  5. Me again - it'll probably be like when someone adopts, then has a baby - you'll sell as soon as you get it back in order.

    We are almost exactly the same age, you know. I seldom worry about it either, but just sometimes it socks me in the face how long ago things happened!

  6. I love porches and have always dreamed of a house with a wrap around porch.

  7. I love my front porch too. It is definitely inviting and serene, a wonderful place for reflecting on God's goodness.

  8. i like this porch very much. the white wood is welcoming. i can imagine the lives that drift by its watchful, non judgemental eye.

  9. a female porch! i like that because she sounds so nurturing - sweet!

  10. >>It would not be home without her aging arms
    welcoming us...<<

    Love this!