Saturday, September 5, 2009

Joy Challenge - Day 14 - Dance

dancing with Aunt Susie

When I was a little girl, I loved to dance. I danced all time - with anyone who was a willing partner.

dancing with my little cousin

It was quite natural, then, that my Mom would enroll me in dancing school. Alas, I was so terribly shy all I did was cry and beg to go home. So much for a career as a famous ballerina.

dancing with Uncle Tony

I still love to dance. It makes my heart soar when I see the kids in our church dancing. Would I have been brave enough to do that if our church hadn't frowned upon such things? I like to think I would have. I live a little bit through those graceful girls and find great joy in just watching them.

We sing a song in church that says: "I'm gonna dance for You, like nobody's watching." I confess I do that sometimes when I'm home alone. It is a natural expression of worship and spills out from a joyful heart. I am looking forward to the day when we dance down streets of gold. I won't be too shy then!

"Let them praise His name with dancing..."
Psalm 149:3a



  1. when i was a young'n i used to dance. i was also afflicted with a great fear of competition so i stepped away from pursing dance and theater.

    these images are wonderful, Linda.

    between you and me (and whomever else reads this) i am known to run through my home dancing before Him. it is worship that i simply cannot repress.

  2. Aren't you the cutest thing?

    You dance across my screen, Linda. I hear HIS music in your words!

  3. I love to dance in worship, too. Glad to know i'm not the only one twirling in my living room!

  4. I love this post! :) And you were an adorable little girl.

    Big hugs,

  5. I loved this Linda. What better way to show our love to the king than to dance before Him with JOY! Keep on dancin'! I'm also enjoying these precious pics of you as a wee little one. :-)

  6. I loved all the pictures in this post, Linda. I used to love dancing with my Dad when I was little. And it is an extension of our worship to Jesus to dance before Him.

  7. What a sweet little girl you were. I love the photos!
    I was the same at dance school....I only went to one class :)
    I feel the same way about dancing too!
    Also loved reading about your dad. You look just like him! I think you have his thankful nature to :)