Friday, November 20, 2009


I am here, but I am weary. There are lots of things running around my little mind, but I find I just don't have the energy to get them out and onto paper. I'm not sure what it is. I certainly haven't been over-doing things in the physical department. It is just a sort of "mind weariness."

I have been carrying the cure around with me - written out on an index card in a little spiral notebook. Matthew 11:28-30 were my very first memory verses for this year. I believe, without realizing it, I have been carrying burdens around which were never meant for my feeble shoulders. Whenever I have recited these verses, I have felt the tears starting. It is time to let the words do their heart-work; time to let Him carry the burdens.

It is one thing to bring the burdens to Him; it is quite another to leave them there and not pick them back up. It is even possible, I have found, to think you have not done that - but the heart knows better. It feels the weight and grows weary.

So once again I come, sit at His feet and lay it all down. I feel the stirring of joy, of hope. I find Him faithful - always faithful.



  1. It is so true - how we pick them back up. So counter-productive!

  2. Linda,
    Know how you are feeling. I have been there. Praying for you!

  3. My heart's desire is that you would be able to leave the burdens at His feet knowing that you can trust Him to be faithful. Praying for you, Dianne

  4. I have barely come myself from just where you are. I wonder why so many of us are feeling this way. Yes, He is faithful, dear friend. Rest your weary soul on Him.

    I hope the Lord's Day will leave you refreshed.

  5. Thank you for this special reminder! We must not only bring our burdens to Him, but we need to leave them. That can be easy to forget! :)

  6. linda...i fully understand your weariness and am walking the path with you. i am returning to Him over and over and over, and i am thankful that He is always there, that He never shames me, that He is longing for me to return each time.

    praying for you, my friend!

  7. Dear Linda~
    As I read your post and all the beautiful, caring comments... it's easy to see that we all need to lay our burdens down.
    You are so sincere and genuine, Linda. Reminding us all of the One who loves us.

    So often I can feel my shoulders tight and lifted as if forcing them to carry it all. Sometimes, when I literally relax & lower them, it makes me realize how burdened they really are!

    As you care for your family and your father... make sure you take time ~ even a half an hour to totally relax... dream and BE with Him ~ our comforter~
    God bless you, dear heart ♥

  8. Such a good post... why do we think we need to carry it??? Good idea to carry a card with you and read it. When I walk I have been trying to talk to Jesus as if he was walking beside me. Just a conversation. it has helped me (o: Blessings to you.

  9. Oh how I can relate! Praying as you put His Word deep into your heart you experience His gentle hand holding you and His peace washing over you.

    Praying for rest, quiet and silence in the depths of your heart as He moves and works on your behalf! He is faithful...

  10. I am understanding weary these days, sweet friend. Going to get me some of that remedy!