Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Walk With Him Wednesday

Ann has suggested that we write a Psalm of Praise for Thanksgiving.

"To be grateful is to recognize God's hand on everything that touches your life. Every breath you draw is a gift of His love; every moment of existence is a gift of grace..."
James MacDonald

Grateful Praise

Father in heaven, we lift our hearts to You in praise.
You are high and lifted up and Your glory fills the heavens.
You are righteous and perfect in all your ways - never changing.
Your wisdom is beyond our understanding; Your power beyond our imagining,
And yet You are mindful of us.

You hear us when we pray, bending low to listen.
You answer every prayer according to Your perfect will,
A will that seeks only to do us good.

In times of difficulty, You are there - measuring grace sufficient.
In sorrow, Your tears are mingled with our own,
Bringing comfort and peace beyond understanding.

In times of happiness, You rejoice with us - pouring out Your love.
You dance over us with radiant joy,
And cover us with Your wings.

It was Your love that drew us - a love that held nothing back.
It is Your love that holds us - though we may wander now and then.
With hearts filled with love we praise You and give thanks
For all that You are.

Happy Thanksgiving. I pray your day is filled with love and warmth.