Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Haiku

Robin has challenged us at (in)courage to stretch ourselves creatively and write a Haiku.
Here is my contribution:


Hard, as cold as ice,
Evil crouches at the door.
I hide in His warmth.

Why not give it a try. Hop on over to (in)courage and add your Haiku to the list!



Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Evil IS cruelly does lie in wait for us. In 17 syllables, you've reminded us where the only safe place is. I LIKE this!

(Thanks for joining in!!)

Michelle DeRusha said...

Hi Linda,
I like the contrast between evil and His warmth -- and your use of "crouching" -- such a strong word choice. It works!

I like your blog...and your postive, God-loving attitude!

Joan Hall said...

Hi Linda - I too like the contrast of evil and God's warmth.

Really nice Haiku!


Anonymous said...

wow! what a great haiku and a reminder that evil is crouching at the door just waiting to get in! thank goodness we can find refuge in Him

HisFireFly said...

Isn't His love and grace amazing? We can always find shelter in the shaodw of His wings. We can stay in the safety of the secret place.

Unknown said...

May we all hide in HIS warmth. Wonderful, beautiful words!
Blessings and Grace to you...

Dorie said...

Beautiful words!

grammy said...

Loved your words
I also loved the cabin in the last post
what a great get away that must have been
glad you shared the pictures with us

Deidra said...


- dls - said...

i love this too :)

christy rose said...

That was just perfect! I love it!

Erin said...

He is warm. And we need His warmth so much, don't we?

MelaKamin said...

love it - hiding in His warmth - oh, what a glorious picture