Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Girl

Little Girl

Just a little motherless girl
living in a simpler time

running to keep up with a brother whose-
unflinching loyalty
and iron will
filled her with frustration and admiration.

loved unconditionally by a father whose-
absolute integrity
and deep wisdom
grounded and sustained her.

taught by a "different" neighbor
what it means
to "walk a mile
in another's shoes"
and who,
one dark night,
rescued her from evil.

I am Scout*


*"To Kill A Mockingbird" Harper Lee

This is my contribution to the R.A.P. at L.L. Barkat's blog.

Random Acts of Poetry Prompt:
Choose a character from a book— children's, grownup's, matters not. Write a poem to, from, or just about the character.