Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little Girl/Young Girl/ Daddy's Girl

She comes -
when the burdens of wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, friend
cause shoulders to hunch up around my ears,
lines etch more deeply into my face-
with bouncing curls,dancing feet, trusting smile
dreams fresh and new.

She taps my shoulder;
I long to be absorbed into the younger self-
to ride in the backseat
window wide open, curls wild, care-free,
simple trust that we are safe.

He comes -
looks beyond the hunched shoulders and lined face,
pats His knee, extends His arms.
Little girl, I climb into His lap,
enfold myself in Him
and rest.

She comes-
with awkward step, skinny legs, unruly hair-
on days when all is wrong,
when words have hurt, when dreams are shattered,
when friends disappoint.

She taps my shoulder-
I try to brush her off,
but she draws me in-
to awkward shyness, yearning to belong,
fear and insecurity.

I crumble at His feet-
head pressed against His knee, tears flowing.
His hand caresses my head;
In the security of that touch
I am reminded of
unconditional love, absolute acceptance,
faithfulness and perfect plans.

I am Daddy's girl.