Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little Girl/Young Girl/ Daddy's Girl

She comes -
when the burdens of wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, friend
cause shoulders to hunch up around my ears,
lines etch more deeply into my face-
with bouncing curls,dancing feet, trusting smile
dreams fresh and new.

She taps my shoulder;
I long to be absorbed into the younger self-
to ride in the backseat
window wide open, curls wild, care-free,
simple trust that we are safe.

He comes -
looks beyond the hunched shoulders and lined face,
pats His knee, extends His arms.
Little girl, I climb into His lap,
enfold myself in Him
and rest.

She comes-
with awkward step, skinny legs, unruly hair-
on days when all is wrong,
when words have hurt, when dreams are shattered,
when friends disappoint.

She taps my shoulder-
I try to brush her off,
but she draws me in-
to awkward shyness, yearning to belong,
fear and insecurity.

I crumble at His feet-
head pressed against His knee, tears flowing.
His hand caresses my head;
In the security of that touch
I am reminded of
unconditional love, absolute acceptance,
faithfulness and perfect plans.

I am Daddy's girl.



Sandy said...

Unconditional love, absolute acceptance...
the depth of those words. Thank you dear
Linda, for again bringing great encouragement
to me.
With love,

L.L. Barkat said...

"to ride in the backseat"

I loved that. I wanted to know more about that back seat. :)

(You didn't miss the RAP prompt, btw. I was out of town and didn't provide one. Imagine! :)

Maxine said...

Linda, that was wonderful. And those pictures--well, I remember when.

Dawn said...

Absolutely wonderful, Linda! I wish I had the kind of mind for beautiful poetic thoughts!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Linda... that is beautiful!!

Heather said...

Linda, you have a gift! That was beautiful... and powerful... and perfect. Thank you~

Loretta said...

:::sigh::: I love it. Oh, to climb into His lap and release all my cares to Him. Thank you, as always. :)

grammy said...

Love this
I so agree...we are visited by many stages of ourselves
you get that flash...and have to smile when we see ourselves
I too know I am his little girl...and love that.

christy rose said...

I believe that every little girl no matter how old she lives to be longs to know her daddy loves her and thinks that she is beautiful. There is nothing like a daddy's love!

Katrina said...

Yes, I too, am Daddy's girl.
Thank you for writing and sharing this beautiful reminder with us.

Unknown said...

This was precious.
As are you.