Monday, February 22, 2010

Multitude Monday

I Thess. 5:18 "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

My heart fills with gratitude:

- Todd and Sarah safely home from Sri Lanka

- time of shared sorrows and joys - hearts joined in prayer - with my Bible Study group

- daily updates from Scott and Susan as they vacation in Colorado - precious family time for them

- encouraging words - tears of gratitude

- tiny wild flowers beginning to poke their dainty heads up through the ground

- life-changing truth

- a husband whose giving, compassionate heart just fills me with wonder

- great writing that builds up, brings a smile, convicts with truth (thank you friends).

- the gentle correction of the Spirit, molding and shaping

- a visit from a cousin and his son (the photographer) I haven't seen in fourteen years - we had such a wonderful visit catching up and remembering all the childhood adventures. Mom and Dad were so happy to see him.

Other gratitude posts are here - at Ann's



  1. So glad to hear that Todd and Sarah are back home safe from Sri Lanka! I can well imagine how much they'll have to tell you of their time there:-)

    How wonderful that you got to visit with a cousin and his son that you hadn't seen in so many years. I'm looking forward to March because my two older brothers will be flying in from Vancouver and we're all meeting up at our younger brother's place for a family reunion. I will be bringing mom and my other brother from Toronto will also join us:-) It will be the first time in many years that we'll all be together!! xoxo

  2. Linda,
    I really enjoy reading your post each week. You have such a deep faith that shines thru your words and your list.
    Being filled with wonder by your husband is such a great gift!
    Grace to you

  3. Tiny wild flowers beginning to poke their dainty heads up through the ground... you mean I really might see some this year?? We've been staring at snow for so long, I've almost forgotten what grass looks like!

    Loved your list, Linda-- a compassionate husband, time with friends from long ago, safety for family... God's blessings poured out once again.

    Have a delightful week... and enjoy those flowers! I'm sure one day soon I'll see some :)

  4. I can't wait to see flowers poking through the ground - I hope you don't have such a hot summer again this year, or us either! '

    We do both have been blessed with our guys, haven't we??

    Always good to visit with you!

  5. Glad you had that special visit and all those other things to be thankful for (o:

  6. I can feel your spirit of gratefulness in this post Linda! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing your blessings, Linda. Loved what you said about your husband.

  8. I see Heather (above) is waiting for flowers too! We're getting 17" of snow tonight, Linda!

    Look at you all... in short sleeves and shorts! Oh, I know that spring will come~
    Love all your happy smiles!
    God bless you, dear ♥

  9. ps. We did get a snow day, Linda!
    Yippie... just hope the rest of my family is safe today ♥
    Linda, I was visiting a food blog this morning and noticed another CSN giveaway. I was wondering how people are contacted by CSN stores to host a giveaway.
    Have a sweet day ~ Maria

  10. Oh, Linda,
    I love when you share about your inspires me so. I've been swallowed by busy-ness of late, but thinking of you!

  11. What a beautiful list, Linda. Longing to see the wild flowers soon, as well. So glad you are taking the time to write about and enjoy His many blessings.

  12. Glad to see this picture of your joy and gratitude.
    It inspires.