Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As For Me

As For Me

I see them sleeping
when You needed their prayers.
Would my head nod too
had I been there?

I see them running
when they took You away.
Would my heart be racing, legs pumping
abandoning You too?

I hear him denying, with curses,
when he pledged to stand with You.
Would I say I didn't know You
when the darkness threatened?

How often, Lord Jesus,
do I sleep when I should pray,
run when I should stand,
hurt You with my words?

Now, as then,
You search my heart with eyes of love,
Speak words of forgiveness,
Give Your life that I may live.

This week I am thinking about the young men who followed the Savior for three years and seemed to fail Him so utterly just when He needed them most. And I wonder, what would I have done had I been there.

(My contribution to Ann's blog today.)



Anonymous said...

now, as then,
thank God.

Sandy said...

Oh, I know, Linda. I've been pondering
those same thoughts for weeks now.
Would I remain true? Aren't you glad
He searches our hearts with such
undeniable love?
Hope your Easter is blessed with joy
and that your parents are getting
better each day.

Anonymous said...

yes, us love You more and more...

Unknown said...

Oh, Linda. Chills. Yes, I've often wondered too. On tomorrow night we will have our Maundy Thursday service. It always drives the point home for me.

This does too. Happy Easter, dear friend! I'm sending you love. Sunday is coming!

grammy said...

Have a wonderful Easter.
Pray your family is doing well.

Dawn said...

Gripping and convicting!

Billy Coffey said...

What a moving poem. And very convicting for me.

Maxine said...

Oh wow. That pricks the heart. I wonder just what I would have done. Powerful poem.

L.L. Barkat said...

sleep when I should pray

reminds me that I am cared for by the One who never slumbers or sleeps


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