Monday, March 15, 2010

Multitude Monday

Psalm 150:6

Spring comes, a promise fulfilled, and all of nature sings praise. We have only to step outside and with open heart see the gifts the Father has given us.

I am deeply grateful for:

- a dear little front porch - a place to sit and soak up the beauty of the day, to remember other days when childrens toys and pets feeding dishes filled the empty space

- a place to sit and stitch, the silence broken only by the perfect songs of little birds

- an unexpected visit from a little friend

- a beautiful gift from my husband, just because...

- this lovely piece of land that has been home for 28 years

- little wild flowers dancing in the wind

- these ancient oaks, standing sentinel in the front yard; once again they shed their leaves with the promise of new life not far behind. These trees were here long before I ever drew breath. They have put down deep roots in my heart - symbols of so much God has taught me.

- answered prayer; loved ones safely home from far away places

- birthdays for little granddaughters

- heart-to-heart talks

- a visit with a forever friend

- the evident hand of God on the lives of our grown children

- a church that stand firmly on the Word of God

- His grace in the difficult moments

- certain hope

Please visit Ann's quiet little corner to be part of the Gratitude Community - or just to read and be blessed.



  1. I love it that you are contented there in your corner of the world - in spite of the fact that when we first "met" you were trying very hard to move!

  2. thanks for sharing photos of your surroundings. that porch is a great place to sit & stitch.

  3. There is nothing quite like being in the gift that is peaceful nature!! Beautiful!


  4. What a peaceful place to live. Love those trees. And I love little granddaughters' birthdays too! :)

  5. Good morning Linda~
    Your sweet list of gratitudes ring true for many of us out here.
    I really like what you wrote about the oaks. I feel the same way about our local trees. They are such a gift of God...
    I love afternoons that are so quiet the bird songs are the only thing I hear. I call all the other noise "human-noise" {mostly mechanical noise}
    Your property looks so serene, Linda ~ a beautiful canvas for your beautiful and heartfelt thoughts ♥
    Enjoy watching spring come to life!

  6. Oh, Linda-- what a lovely home, what a gorgeous landscape, what a perfect place to sense God's presence and promises! Spring truly is a wonderful time... so glad to see you're enjoying the beauty of His hand! Have a blessed day, and keep on stitching :)

  7. Beautiful post Linda! I love my front porch too! so much can be accomplished sitting in a swing, meditating and taking in the beauty of life. :)

  8. What a sweet place you call home this side of heaven. I always enjoy soaking in nature :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart.

  9. you know gratitude.
    and you share it so well , LInda.
    thank you , as always.