Saturday, April 17, 2010

Drought (my sonnet)

This is my very humble contribution to the (In)Courage April Creative Challenge. The challenge is to write a sonnet about spring.


For lack of rain the earth grew cracked and dry
The grasses withered, all the flowers died
The sun shone brilliant in a brassy sky
And all creation looked to heaven and cried.

The weeks went by with unrelenting sun
The rivers and the lakes receded, dry.
It seemed the rain was never going to come
That everything would fade away and die.

But spring-time came with open, out-stretched hand
Abundant rain poured from a slate gray sky
The rivers flowed and flowers filled the land
And all creation breathed a grateful sigh.

The landscape of my soul cried out for rain
And faithfully, with Living Water, He came.

I cannot seem to get over the wonder of the way the Father answered our prayer for rain. After that terrible drought, this is the most abundant, beautiful spring I have ever seen.



  1. Dear Linda, that was very touching,
    lovely. You are so gifted in being
    able to minister through writing
    and poetry. Rejoicing with you for
    your abundantly beautiful spring!
    God's best,

  2. Beautiful, Linda. Such a poignant word picture of the Father's grace in granting our needs and nature's rejoicing in that answered prayer!

    Have a beautiful Lord's Day, and enjoy our bountiful Spring. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  3. So beautiful! Great Sonnet. Vivid!

  4. Beautiful as usual, Linda! I have no other words.

  5. I think it is very beautiful
    hope you are having a great Sunday (o:

  6. so glad you got rain! I guess the northeast got most of it this winter/spring.

    I've always wanted to see the Blue Bonnets bloom in texas. maybe next spring.

  7. Linda! so beautiful! good job!

  8. Oh, wow! Linda, after I read the parameters of a sonnet, I was REALLY impressed. You managed to have all ten syllable lines, an exact rhyming pattern, 14 lines, but write beautifully and expressively with the Spirit's leading about Spring and about Him. Congratulations, beautiful job.

  9. Oh, Linda. How lovely. You did a great job! I know little about poetry; I just know it sounded nice and was so true.

  10. What a beautiful, meaningful poem! I'm glad he refreshes the land, but even more, I'm thankful that He sends refreshing showers into our thirsty souls.