Friday, April 30, 2010

Searching for Jack

I'm not sure, but I think Jack, of "beanstalk fame" has been lurking around our neighborhood:

I have taken to walking with my camera in my pocket. If I spot him, I will certainly take his picture. In the meantime, I am going to continue to keep on eye on this plant. Did you ever?

I have discovered that this is a Century Plant. According to the picture, bigger and better things are yet to come!



Linds said...

Amazing! Keep taking the camera with you and let us see as well!

Sandy said...

That is incredible! Think I'd be
looking for Jack, too!

Unknown said...

You will have to follow-up with a shot of that stuff to come! Maybe he's praying with hand extended up? Praying plants. Only you, Linda :)

Dawn said...

That is quite a sight! Glad you caught it on camera for us.

That's for the lovely card and the check!

Dawn said...

Oops - that's supposed to say "Thanks!"

grammy said...

how cool
looks like a giant pineapple with an asparagus spear coming out of it (o:

Teena said...

Linda, I am always reading.... just computer doesn't always cooperate. :)

can't wait to see what comes of your beanstalk!

also what a wonderful surprise from Emily!


May said...

Hello Linda,
I have an award for you.
Stay bless.