Monday, May 17, 2010


The Lord has blessed us with such a precious family. We are like any other family - with our faults and failures - but we are unique, because the Father has made us so. There is no other family just exactly like ours. We have our own "language" and our own family jokes that would make sense to no one else. We have shared memories and lived through times that have ultimately drawn us closer together. Our numbers have grown and with it so has our joy - multiplied blessings.

I am more thankful than I can ever say for the way the Father has knitted us together. They are my favorite people in all the world.

She graduated on Saturday - this beautiful young woman who ushered us into the glorious world of "Grand-parenthood". Eighteen years slipped through my fingers like silky sand, and suddenly the cherubic baby was standing there in her cap and gown.

The little table held the memories of past and present accomplishments. She is gifted in so many ways. Musical, artistic, bright and so lovely. You can see all of those things in the picture. What you cannot see is the absolute beauty of her heart. It is a gentle, tender, compassionate heart. It is a giving heart. It is a heart that loves the Lord.

We love her dearly and cannot begin to thank God enough for the blessing she has been in all of our lives. We know He has great and wonderful plans for her life.

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