Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Girl

I was holding the car door for my Mom as she carefully maneuvered herself into the back seat. She sat still for a moment before pulling her legs in and looked up at me. "Right now your hair is the exact color it was when you were a little girl."

In that moment I was that little girl again. Never mind that I long ago began coloring my hair to hide the gray that had started at such an early age. Never mind that there are seven incredible children who call me Grandma. Never mind the lines and wrinkles that have added "character" to my aging face. I am still my Mother's little girl.

Just for an instant the cares and burdens that come with being wife, mom and grandma lifted, and I felt light and carefree. Just for an instant I wasn't the responsible one. I was someone's little girl.

I wrapped my heart around that moment and carried it with me for days. I thought about a Father who loves me dearly and calls me His little girl. A Father who wants to take every care and burden and carry it for me, and I felt light and carefree.

chatting at the sky



  1. Linda,

    I LOVE your heart!! Thank you so much for sharing your life... your childhood... your struggles and your victories-- you are an inspiration and a blessing... over and over and over again!!

    Blessings to you, my friend, for a delightful week ahead :)

  2. good moment sharing.
    made me smile...

  3. The impact of a parent's words lasts a lifetime, a a simple reminder transports us. Good story, Linda.

  4. What a wonderful thing it is to be someone's little girl! Lovely post, Linda.

  5. Beautiful...

  6. I love this. We are forever our parent's children in our hearts and in their minds. Sometimes when I am frustrated by someone's actions, I just remember that somewhere out there a mother and a father love him/her annoyances, faults, flaws and all, and that somehow difuses the charge running through me.

  7. I carry my mother's love with me
    even though she has been with the
    Lord for eleven years now. I still
    remember her tender words of love
    to me and how she always came in
    to tuck me in at night and hear me
    say my prayers. She was wonderful.
    You are blessed to still have your
    mother with you. Cherish every

  8. Linda! Hi!

    You have created, through words, such a beautiful picture in my mind ~

    I believe deep in our souls, we always carry this childlike attitude toward God, our Father...
    It is wonderful when it is awakened!
    I cherish those moments too ♥
    God bless you, Linda ~ and wishing you sunny, comfy summer days ~

  9. and...
    Is that adorable you as a little girl!?!
    oh how C*U*T*E !!!

    {...and still are the joy of His ♥}

  10. oh, Linda, this was so so beautiful.
    as are you, now and then.

  11. I have missed being my mom's little girl and agree that there is such value in the place where we go and forget for a moment the responsibilities of being so grown up all the time.

    Sweet, sweet picture.

  12. That is the loveliest photo and reflection I have read in a long time. So beautiful!

  13. If that photo was you... what a delightful wonderful treasure. Display it with great pride for the little girl who smiles between white borders and brown frame.
    She is precious. She is sweet.
    She is a treasure to behold...
    I love the old pictures they tell stories we have long forgotten.

  14. This is a really beautiful moment you have shared with us. Thank you.

  15. Lovely thoughts - both being our parents' child still, and being God's little girl.

    Wonderful picture! Is it you???

  16. A sweet moment indeed.

    I think I will go out in the sun and be a little girl too. :)

  17. Such a beautiful post and look at you as a little girl, just darling! My mom sometimes makes comments like that to me and it makes me feel like a little girl again as well. As you say, it's such a wonderful feeling:-) Also makes you realize that no matter how old we are, we will always be our parents' little girl!! xoxo

  18. Linda--I loved that! Yes, I too am glad to be my mother's little girl...although, I'm not her only one!

    This was such a sweet post--glad I stopped off before I went to bed!

    Have a blessed day tomorrow--I'm spending it with two grandsons that I've just tucked in bed...and I am already tired from tomorrow :) I know you understand!

  19. Linda, a delight as always. Can I simply say thank you. Your sweet words of comment splash me today and always add heart to the post. I love the story of your precious granddaughter.

    Thanks for stomping with me,

  20. what a treat to skip over here from deidra's and read this. wrapped your heart around that moment and carried it with you for days. i found myself sinking into my seat as i read that. that's emotionally connecting with a reader. thanks so much. happy fourth to you! nice to meecha:)

  21. How precious, Linda. I loved reading this.

  22. oh, this is so, so, so good. so beautiful. i needed this. thank you so much for your prayers, sweet friend. you are so good to me. xo

  23. I love this photo! The sweetness in your face is truly beautiful.
    A mother's love is one of life's greatest blessings and being someone's little girl...such a wonderful feeling :)
    Thank you!