Wednesday, July 7, 2010


He carried you home
Fragile blossoms
And profuse

We hung you high
Pride of place
Overlooking old wooden
Porch railing

They came to
Nest among the pink profusion
Flying back and forth
Weaving twigs and grass

Too gentle and fragile
To be hearth and home
We took you
Into ours

Little wings flapping
Squawking out
Their disapproval
They fluttered off
To stronger branches

You are back home
Pride of place
Brightening the

This was written for HCB poetry prompt: A Tablespoon of Summer.


Anonymous said...

this is very cute.
i can just see the busy birds.

Sandy said...

This is wonderful, Linda. I love my
little impatiens. I have them all over
my yard. We had wrens try and nest in
one of our hanging baskets too. I guess
they just like impatiens as much as we

Dawn said...

Lovely poem. I can't do poetry. We planted lots of impatiens in our new patio area this year, because of the shady spot it is. They're spreading, but not really fast. Lots of rain on them lately, so when it warms up, they should go crazy. I hope!

Susanne said...

What a sweet poem. I love impatiens. Mine are not doing so great this year though. Not sure why. Sigh. A green thumb I am not.

Sorry I have been such a horrible commenter. I just don't seem to have enough time in a day.

Deidra said...

very sweet. i could see those beautiful flowers.

Unknown said...

and I have a lot of white impatiens in the garden.

and we've had some silly stubborn birds too.

grammy said...

Lovely poem and flowers (o:
Love that prompt title 'Tablespoon of Summer'
this has been a chilly week here...not feeling to summerie

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh dear, I just linked to this at HCB. Forgive!

I loved this opening. So tender...

"He carried you home"