Tuesday, August 10, 2010


“Everything changes
but change.”*
I cling to
fearing what
I cannot see;
finding comfort
in my

Hanging on,
with tight-fisted grip,
feigning control.
Still it comes,
Ripping world apart,
and I crumble
under weight I
cannot bear.

He is in the change
holding it in
unseen hands,
allowing it access
into my life.
Peace comes as,
with open hands,
I surrender to
and learn to trust.

*from the song "I wish You Enough" by Janet Paschal and Joel Lindsey

This is my contribution to One-Stop Poetry One Shot Wednesday.



dustus said...

Linda, accepting change and learning to trust are so difficult for many people. Thanks for sharing your poem.

Teena said...

I love reading here, Linda. Thanks for always caring and praying for me.


Maureen said...

You paint a picture of how difficult is the path to trust with such words as "cling", "fear", "hanging on", "tight-fisted", "feigning control", and then that final "crumble" and "weight I cannot bear". What a burden that you relieve in sharing the wisdom of "I surrender to change and learn..."

grammy said...

love this poem
the words really make me think

Brian Miller said...

surrender and realising we are not in control...one of my greatest struggles...but He has taught me...sometimes hard. smiles. nice one shot!

Mommy Emily said...

he is in the change... i love this, linda. i LOVE that you linked up with one-shot... isn't it fun? you write such pure poetry. it's beautiful.

Andrea said...

Blessed to have stopped by here,

Glynn said...

"He is in the change / holding it in unseen hands..." That is lovely, Linda.

Dawn said...

Change is tough for me - there are some things I'd like to change, but I don't seem to have anything to say about any of it!

Marshy said...

change is tough..i find that out when i become unemployed, i also found that unless i acted fast i would have lost complete control..even now its a struggle but i fight it!!! thanks for sharing this great poem..cheers pete

Desert Rose said...

powerful one here..thanks for sharing with one shot Linda..:)

Claudia said...

i so understand this feeling Linda - and sometimes i would love that things would just stay as they are - but it's good they change and we change and it's good we know that he holds us

PattiKen said...

Surrender and trust are so very hard to do, especially when one has been hurt before. Lovely poem.

moondustwriter said...

So many things we have little or no control over but the Master - ahhh He has those big capable hands

A thought provoking poem my dear
thank you for sharing with One Shot

Love from the Moon

Beachanny said...

And yet the more things change, the more they stay the same...trust and love...love and trust. The self reliance within that allows us to cope, that gives us strength, that holds us up. Beautiful poem. Thank you.

TALON said...

This made me so sad because change is inevitable...and holding tight makes it so much harder to accept. Really liked this poem.

Jenna said...

Beautifully written. Change and trust are two things many of us struggle with. "He is in the change / holding it in / unseen hands," is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

Monkey Man said...

Change is the only consistent thing in our lives. As much as I would like to velcro life in place....it is not reality. Great One Stop.

Anonymous said...

this is a good poem.
as well as one i can relate to.

Deidra said...

"I cling to same...finding comfort in my normal." Wow. Such truth.
That'll preach!

Unknown said...

It gets a little easier,
but still.

Suja said...

Nothing is permanent in the world like sands of time, changing constantly for better or worse but always moving on...Life it ti!
Nice one Linda..

Leslie said...

I popped back here for a visit this morning and read this poem. Your words speak powerful truth. I, too, "cling to same, fearing what I cannot see." Sometimes change is world ripping. And yet, as you say, "He is in the change." And in surrender there is peace. May you and I both have grace to trust the One who will someday take all the pain and fear and make all things new.

Unknown said...

Change is a difficult state to accept it's a leap of faith sometimes. Beautiful words

Kwana said...

Just beautiful.

Unknown said...

Simply beautiful..........