Thursday, October 14, 2010


Over the past twenty-three years we have logged countless hours sitting in V.A. waiting rooms. I wrote this poem when we first began. It still rings true.

A multitude of people;
none known to me by name.
We meet and pass in silence,
with each it is the same.

Some walk alone, eyes downcast;
some laugh with one close by;
some gaze with eyes of sorrow;
some smile and softly sigh.

The ragged and the wealthy,
the simple and the sage,
the young and old together
for suffering knows no age.

A multitude of faces;
You know each one by name.
You see beneath the surface,
no two are quite the same.

You know each need and sorrow,
with eyes of love You see.
You long to touch these needy hearts -
but it must be through me.

Linking to Emily's imperfect prose today.



  1. I wish I could write poetry!

  2. Just wonderful again, Linda. I wish I
    could write poetry as Dawn said.

  3. sometimes is seems strange that he would choose us to carry that message...but it is our priveledge to be the hands and feet...nice poem...

  4. You continue to inspire me, Linda!

  5. something we need to remember and reach out ...

  6. This is so beautiful Linda! We spend our share of time at the VA... your words truly touch my heart. Thank you for sharing! :)

  7. linda...

    you amaze me. and convict me. he chooses to use me to bring his healing...

    oh Lord, find me open.

    ((thank you sister. a beautiful contribution. xo))

  8. so beautiful , Linda.

    I imagine you have the heart of a constant giver.

  9. Linda, you speak to me,
    your words inspire.
    fabulous word flow.

  10. Love your beautiful, touching poem! Your words resonate in my heart! We, too, have spent many hours at the VA hospital, where my husband sees a myriad of doctors. We also are volunteers there, but we've had to take a break because of family responsibilities. It's one of the most rewarding things we've ever done, and we hope to resume serving these men and women who deserve our respect and care.