Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Moment

The cold front blew in late Thanksgiving Day. It is always the same. The wind comes with sudden force, as though someone had thrown the switch on a gigantic fan,and a balmy day suddenly turns cold. We had arrived wearing short-sleeved shirts and left wishing for winter jackets to cover our bare arms. We also left with two gifts - our granddaughters, coming to spend the night.

The air was crisp and cold the next morning, and bright sunshine filtered in through the kitchen windows. We sat at the kitchen table eating Papa's scrambled eggs with sausage and toast. They chattered away about the things they have been doing, school and plans for the day. Watching "Cinderella" (I've lost count of how many times we've watched it together.)was definitely on the list along with playing games, building with legos and a trip to McDonald's for lunch.

I told them it all sounded good, but I had a little something I thought they might enjoy doing first. Earlier in the week, we had purchased little wooden ornaments, paint and paintbrushes in the hope that they might enjoy making something special for their Christmas tree. Happily, they decided that was a great idea! We cleared the table and got out all the supplies.

while they painted, I filled the kitchen sink with hot soapy water and for a moment just stood quietly absorbing the scene. Christmas music played softly in the background. The girls sat at the table with Papa, engrossed in decorating wreaths, painting angels' wings and mixing colors, little heads bent in deep concentration. There was such a sense of peace and joy bubbled up in my heart. I could hardly hold back the tears.

I am so deeply grateful.

Thank You Lord:
- for these precious girls
- for bright, sunshine and crisp, cold air
- for music
- for the way this miraculous season fills the heart with joy and peace
- for the legacy of faith in our family; we are so richly blessed
- for this life, this day, this moment

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  1. Their rapt attention is shown in their faces and in their body language. Beautiful girls with such lovely, thick dark hair! I noticed the finger nail polish---my grandgirls always have some on. I don't even remember when polish came on my radar, but it wasn't as young as girls today!---now it's just part of the package deal.
    They're adorable, Linda, and you came up with a wonderful idea that blessed you all. Moments like these make us doubly blessed--the first time with our children and now being able to do such activities with our grandchildren.

  2. How precious is your list this
    week, Linda. Your granddaughters
    are just beautiful.

  3. What a precious memory you made for you and your sweet gifts! Giving thanks with you for music and for this miraculous season -- especially combined!

  4. A legacy of faith is something to be thankful for indeed! Beautiful post

  5. Your quilt is so lovely. Reminds me to find my Christmas one to get out!

    And yes . . . a legacy of faith! What can be much more precious?

  6. I know...I know
    I love those times with the kids
    sometimes they are a little overwhelming ... but I love them (o:
    Glad you enjoyed this time with them

  7. cherish the moments as they pass so quickly ...

    your Christmas quilt is a true work of art

  8. How is it we can watch Cinderella so many times and never tire of it? Something to do with being thankful, I think. And remembering what life can be like when we're "without."

  9. Am also part of Ann's Gratitude Community ... fun to see another grandma's blog. Grandchildren are such special gifts, aren't they? Thankful you could enjoy yours this weekend ...

  10. That is such a wonderful scene there in your home, Linda. Such precious girls--I know exactly how you feel. These moments are to be treasured. Believe me, I know.

  11. oh, Linda ,
    my heart is happy yours is.
    such abundance.

  12. Such a gift....peace and quiet and contemplation over making something truly beautiful in this season when so much can feel noisy and rushed and merely glitzy.

  13. Rejoicing with you, dear Linda, on that PERFECT moment of God's goodness, kindness, grace, peace, joy, mercy and love that melded into a moment of time of perfection ~ a profound gift from the Giver of all good gifts ~ the breath of heaven sent to His beloved child, Linda, during the Thanksgiving holiday of 2010.

    May the manifestation of that moment that is now tucked away permanently and beautifully in your treasure box of golden memories be opened and enjoyed often and without measure.

    Blessings and love to you and yours this most glorious of seasons when we celebrate our Savior's birth,