Monday, November 1, 2010

"Unanswered" Prayer

When I woke up this morning, I discovered that some time during the night the petulant child had come and taken up residence in my heart. She looked out the window at the clouds and was disappointed that there was no rain. She began to pray and felt frustrated and discouraged - the same words over and over again, the days running into weeks, the weeks into months and years and still the answer does not come.

The petulant child tried a bit of whining and when that didn't work she tried persuasion. After all she had a good case. These were not frivolous things; they were deep, deep needs - well most of them.

The Father listened (He always does.) Then He began to show her the blessings tucked in around those "unanswered" prayers, and the petulant child was brought up short. She pulled in her lower lip, raised her drooping shoulders and looked into His eyes. And she began to see:

- The prayer for healing, prayed daily for years now, has not been answered.
I have provided wonderful doctors, medicine, and financial provision to help you through.

- The loved one has not returned to the family. It's been a very long time.
I have sustained you with My love and grace and brought others who love and encourage.

- There have been so many unexpected expenses.
I have given you the resources to cover each and every one.

- The house and property have been for sale for such a long time.
You have a home that is comfortable and good.

- There is such heartache for one we love so dearly.
I have loved and sustained this dear one with extravagant grace. I am working all things together for good.

- It hasn't rained in weeks.
I will send the rain - in My time. I have never failed you.

Thank You, Father, for answered prayer.

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