Friday, December 10, 2010

Baking Christmas Cookies

She has always baked dozens of Christmas cookies. My memory is filled with visions of tins stacked in the basement to keep cool, the piles growing higher and higher as December 25th approached; watching wide-eyed as an entire gingerbread village took shape under her deft hands; of tantalizing smells that filled every room of the small home of my childhood.

She is recovering well from her broken hip - determined to do everything to get well again. She is even taking tentative steps without the aid of a cane, but...."I just don't think I can bake this year." These days she is , she says, mourning the loss of the things she simply cannot do any more.

"We will come, and we'll do it together!" So three generations gathered in her kitchen yesterday, and the baking began.

There was a brief interruption when a certain young man called from Paris.

Then back to business.

We began with Russian tea cakes.

Then it was Thumbprints. When those were baking in the oven, she said we had done enough for one day. So we set a date for next week. We plan to fill more tins with delicious cookies and our hearts with precious memories.

I don't know what next Christmas will bring. One will be an ocean away. I am thankful for this Christmas; for this day. I leave my tomorrows in His hands. He gives good and perfect gifts.



  1. Oh Linda, what a perfect day for all of you,and what a beautiful photo of the cooks! I am sure the memories of the baking days will stay with you all for ever, and those cookies look delicious! I wish I lived round the corner - I would be over to sample a few and join in the chatter and laughter too.

  2. What a gift for all of you ... stirs my heart in remembrance of my own mother.

  3. How special and wonderful and beautiful!!
    What a sweet thing for you to share with
    your friends today, Linda. I so enjoyed
    this! The Lord bless all of you.

  4. how very sweet and special...and delicious, i'm sure of it!

  5. I think it was probably more fun for her to have you both help her (o:
    I think I smelled cookies baking as I read this.

  6. Oh Linda, it does make me think of my mom... my dad... memories. How very special.

    You inspire me, Linda.

    much love,

  7. Hi Linda!
    Look at the blessings of your beautiful family!
    Russian tea cakes are one of my favorites!
    My mom used to call them "butter balls" ~She and my grandmother would make a pasta pot full!
    They also made chocolate ones that had some kind of liquor. They were soooo chocolaty. No one in the family has the recipe.
    Thumbprint cookies are another tradition... another absolute favorite!
    I know you are enjoying all the love and sharing this season brings * keep merry and bright!

  8. ps. another glorious quilt in your header, Linda!
    so Christmasy over here!

  9. No doubt it thrilled your mom no end to have help making the Christmas cookies that she thought she wouldn't be able to make this year:-) Loved the pictures, precious hands making treasured recipes!! xoxo

  10. smiles. savor these moments...and bet it was a lot of fun all of you in there working can i have a cookie?

  11. "Three generations gathered" --- how wonderful.

  12. This was wonderful and touching. Thanks for those sweet pictures. It's time none of you will ever regret and more precious than almost anything else you could have been doing.

  13. oh, this brought tears , Linda.

    poignant and perfect.

    thank you so much for sharing this .

  14. So very beautiful.
    So rich in love and life.
    So filled up and overflowing with Jesus!