Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Be A Doer

It is time to take down the Christmas decorations. Every year, in an effort to hold Christmas close a little longer, I put it off as long as possible. I am reluctant to silence the music, shelve the stories, turn off the lights. I love the anticipation - the waiting for the precious promise to be fulfilled. But I begin to wonder if it is something else that keeps me standing firmly planted in that comfortable, familiar place.

If I am honest, it is the way I live much of my life. This verse from James comes to mind:

"Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."
James 1:22

I love to read about faith - good books, blogs, Bible Studies, stories. I am captivated by good teaching and like nothing better than having discussions on matters of faith. It is the living it that is the difficult part.

The best of intentions crumble under life's pressures. It is so much easier to read about other peoples' successes, to look at someone else's life and aspire to be just like them - all the while standing firmly planted in the comfortable familiar place.

It is time to put the Christmas decorations away - to take the Babe out of the manger and follow after Him. He didn't stay in the comfortable place. He lived out the call of the Father on His life. It was a call filled with more pressure than anyone has ever had to bear. He did it for the joy set before Him. He did it for us.


I am linking to Emily's imperfect prose.


  1. Lovely impactful post, Linda.
    Thank you.
    May this be a year of "jumping out of your skin" in ways you never dreamt.
    Good ways, exciting ways, fruitful ways.

  2. Hi Linda!
    I'm able to access your blog today from work. I'm on my lunchtime :D
    This post is so beautiful for this time of year. On Sunday, at the end of the service, the pastor passed out little kits to write "Follow Christ" and perhaps even put up one of our Christmas cards that depict the wise men...over our front door.
    As you so eloquently wrote, to take HIM out of the manger and make him part of our everyday lives... to follow Him in all we do ~
    Thank you, Linda, for being such a souce of inspiration.
    Blessings for the new year ahead and always ~
    ps. I also adore those little golden books ~ especially the one you posted about earlier this week ♥

  3. Lovely and encouraging, Linda. I want to
    continue to follow closely after the Lord
    as well.
    I hope this new year brings you everything
    your heart desires.

  4. I always feel so sad to see Christmas go. I think it is for this very reason, Linda. During Christmas is when I really live my faith: devotionals every night, songs about Jesus, candles...I want to do this all year long. You are right, my sweetest of friends. Time to follow him.

  5. I love the line about taking the Babe out of the manger and following Him, So well said!
    I too struggle with the "doing" part, thank you for the encouragement to get on with the living part :-)

  6. Your message is yet another in a series of four in as many days about following Christ--being Christlike--living my life directed by christ and showing Him in everything I do, say, think. The book Mere Christianity has that theme running through it. The easy part is reading it and listening to it as you said---the hard part is following through. I'm with you on this, Linda. Great wake-up call!:)

  7. "to take the Babe out of the manger and follow after Him. He didn't stay in the comfortable place. He lived out the call of the Father on His life. It was a call filled with more pressure than anyone has ever had to bear. He did it for the joy set before Him. He did it for us."

    amen :)

  8. This is beautiful, Linda. How we do like to stand still, soak it in. (And there's a place for that.) But this is such a gentle, kind reminder for us to soak it in, and wring it out.

  9. not easy at all...

  10. it's the living out that makes Christmas real ...

  11. anticipation means we don't fail. Can't fail yet, because we haven't tried. I can identify about that spreading to other parts of my life. Thanks for the post.


  12. It's hard to let it go, isn't it? But the story just keeps getting better when we allow it to unfold.

    BTW - I still have the lights on our bushes outside. :)

  13. ha. how true. I like what you said about it being easier to just copy someone else's life. I do that...and sometimes forget how important it is to be the me I'm supposed to be. Good words today...

  14. nice call to action...and so true...time to get going...

  15. it is time to take the baby out of the manger and follow him.... perfectly said. linda, i'm so guilty of this too. let's pray for each other this year, that we can be the kingdom-come. and if it helps, i see him LIVING in you. :) love you. e.

  16. Very well put
    a good picture story of the Babe out of the manger
    we have to stop kneeling in the hay and get up and go

  17. Ouch. Did you step on my toes today. I've been putting it off too, but oh how I agree about taking the Babe out the manger. We need to trudge this long dusty rough road like He did.

  18. Yes, follow after Him even after the Christmas season. Every day. Thank you for the reminder.