Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cherish the Moments

We have always been close. She is, aside from my husband, my best friend - the first one I call with good news, with the hard things, when I need wisdom, or just to talk. She always has time; she always has.

I drew the little rocking chair, the one with the colorful little patchwork quilt she made for Dad hanging over the back, up close to the armchair where she sits surrounded by the things she loves to do. We had two little baskets on the footstool between us - baskets filled with a rainbow assortment of tatting thread.

"Just look through them and take as many as you want. I'll never use them all up." It's the sort of thing she says often lately. She is beginning to give away some of her treasured things. "I want to give them to the ones I know will appreciate them." she says with her dear smile.

For my birthday she gave me a dozen of her little antique salt cellars to add to my collection. Little glass eye wash cups went to my daughter on her birthday. I carried a bag filled with yarn, ribbons, and an assortment of trinkets to the grandchildren on our last visit. We take these gifts of the heart reluctantly, knowing what they foretell.

So we bent our heads over the little baskets filled with thread and talked about nothing significant. We laughed and remembered, and in my mind's eye I stepped back and imprinted the moment on my heart. I want to cherish it. I don't want to ever forget how precious these moments are or get so busy I rush by them.

More and more often I greet the day with a pray of thanks that I have just this one. I don't know how many more there will be, but I have this one precious day. I want to live it well and gather its moments to my heart.


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picture: me and Mom


  1. smiles. spending it with friends is a good way to invest a day...and today is all we have...

  2. we are so alike, Linda. I keep thinking that. Enjoy all the moments you can gather and store them in your heart. Your Mom is lucky too, to have you for her daughter.

  3. Oh, Linda, this brought tears. You so touch my heart. Cherish these precious days--I wish I could get them back.

  4. Tears fill my eyes as I remember my own mother who was also my best friend ... cherish the moments.

  5. Precious memories . . . memories I did not have with my mom . . . but other precious memories I hold dear of others. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Linda, you write what our hearts feel but don't have the words to tell.
    These are words with so much meaning for me ~
    Thank you for sharing this gift to us ♥

    a happy weekend to you and many blessings*

  7. you are right, today surely is a precious day.
    lovely post.
    thanks, linda.

  8. Such a precious post. I remember with great
    fondness my mother. She was also my best
    friend. Perhaps I need to do another post
    on her soon.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  9. Each day is a precious gift. I loved your post today!

  10. oh linda... i thought that was you, holding the baby, in the photo, but it's you as a baby, isn't it? this touched me in such a deep way. what a beautiful picture, your heads bending low together, going through her things... it makes me miss my own mother with an ache. i think this is one of my favorites of yours, yet. love you.

  11. The sweetest of posts, Linda.

  12. Aside from my husband, my mother is also my best friend. What a blessing it is to have such a friend in this life. Beautiful post Linda. A wonderful reminder that each day is precious. I LOVE the photo of you and your mom... it is adorable!! :)

  13. You are lucky
    you Mom sounds wonderful...
    and still such a good part of your life.
    Cherish ... indeed (o:

  14. Such a precious picture of you and your mom when you were an itty bitty baby:-) One can tell by her face how much she adored you!! Everything you wrote in this post could have been written by mom is also starting to let go of her treasures and makes me bring some home everytime I go to her place. It often scares me that she won't be around for many more years so I treasure each day that I do have with her. We are certainly blessed to still have our moms. xoxo

  15. Beautiful, as usual! I think often of my folks' declining years, but so far they are quite healthy. They live 7/10 of a mile from me, but I don't go over there often enough. This sandwich meat thing is wearing me out, I think. But I am thankful to see them at church and talk on the phone. Love the picture!

  16. Thank you for sharing this with us. I have such wonderful memories of visiting and quilting with my mother 23 years ago. I still have things I'd like to ask her. Spend as much time as possible with your mother; you'll never regret it.

  17. Linda, oh Linda. You share this from your heart and it blesses. And that photo... I know that the love shared between the two of you is rich and true. You are a gift to each other. And what you share is a gift to those of us who read this today. I felt as if I had been invited into that moment with you. Thank you for sharing such a treasured memory. Such a holy moment...

  18. Indeed--cherish those moments. I still have many of the clothes mother made for my daughter--still beautiful--timesless in style. Soon her great-granddaughter will be wearing them---what joy that provides!
    I'm so glad you have this time and that you recognize its preciousness.

  19. Linda,
    What a poignant post! Yes, today is ALL we have and I'm so grateful for that. You are a wise woman of the Lord!

  20. Precious moments etched in our hearts. I am so thankful for the memories of the little things I did and said to dad. The big things were wonderful too, but when it was all said and done, it's the little moments that are the best.

  21. Linda,

    You make me want to hug all of my children. You do.

    so beautiful.