Monday, January 17, 2011

A Thousand Gifts

Mondays are always busy days. Up and out to go to the grocery store in the morning. Before I know it half the day is gone, and there is still that pesky laundry to do and clean sheets to be put on the bed and mustn't skip the work-out and really must practice piano...

The temptation to skip writing a blog post is always there. But today is Monday, the day we gather at Ann's to share our lists of God's gracious hand in our lives. So, although it is very late, I add my thanks:

Thank you faithful Father for:

- Ann; for her faithful sharing of the words You place in her heart; for this new book filled with the story of grace; for the gift of her

- friends whose encouraging words speak grace into my life

- our 44th Wedding Anniversary The days fly swiftly and suddenly become years, and the love grows deeper and richer.

- flowers

- laughter

- sweet memories

- loving us, even when we walked so far away

- taking two, making us five and finally making us fifteen (and perhaps more to come) - oh the richness of Your blessings

- grace - always grace