Monday, February 7, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

I closed the book and knew that I had to do something different. I began counting the 1000 gifts November 4, 2007 and the number grew week by week. It numbers in the hundreds now, but I have decided to let it stop there.

When I finished Ann's book, I knew I had to begin reading it all over again - turning the pages of her heart and taking the words deeply into my own. This is not a book I want to slide into a spot on my bookshelf and go on with business as usual. I know the Lord has spoken something life-changing through Ann's words. I don't want to, as I have with so many really excellent Bible Studies I've completed, forget the bulk of it. It is astonishing to me how little I retain of the things I've thought I could never possibly forget.

Putting into practice what I've learned will help seal it - moving it from my head into my heart. Part of that process, for me, is beginning a new list. It probably won't look any different than the old one, but it will have been written differently nonetheless. It will be written with clearer vision. I have seen gratitude more deeply. It will be the "ink" with which I record the blessings.

My prayer has been - Open the eyes of my heart Lord, that I might see heaven on earth.

#1 - 14
ancient oaks bending limbs in the strong wind - standing firm - roots deeply planted

little doves huddled on the porch rail in the piercing cold; He sees and cares

husband going out into the freezing night to help Mom and Dad with frozen water pipes

snuggling under the warmth of a quilt stitched by loving hands

the sweet fragrance of a lighted candle

learning to play a rhythm chart

sunlight glittering on a blanket of snow

seeing my daughter with new eyes - little girl all grown up

Ann's book - long prayed over, held in my hands, reaching into my heart

sweet email from a precious friend

sunshine across the tiles of the kitchen floor

husband scattering bread for the poor little birds

the incredible blue of the sky

black cat walking slowly, gently through the grass

joining the Gratitude Community today