Monday, March 28, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Looking through the prism of gratitude at the blessings that flow from the Father's heart and hands:

133 - prayer
134 - a little bird teetering on the edge of the birdbath, trying to get a drink
135 - patches of lovely pink Evening Primrose scattered in green fields
136 - phone calls from family
137 - answered prayer
138 - walking to a chorus of birdsong
139 - the old oaks faithfully putting out new leaves
140 - hugs
141 - a good book
142 - sitting around the table with Mom and Dad - good coffee and conversation
143 - the enormous full moon - the heavens declare His glory
144 - seeing God's mercy and grace in the hard places
145 - pictures - preserving precious moments
146 - knitting
147 - a surprise in the mail
148 - the abundance of His provision
149 - the smell of Mountain Laurel filling the air
150 - little donkey waiting for a treat


I have changed my comment box a bit. I'm going to enable comment moderation for now. I've been getting a few comments I'm just not sure about.


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  2. Linda, I just started a journal with my own list. Loving it!

  3. Always love looking through this list....thanks for sharing. (o:

  4. Love reading your list of
    blessings. So wonderful to
    pause and remember all He
    gives us day after glorious

  5. Love your wonderful list Linda! Prayer is such a gift. Yay for good books. I love sitting around the table with my parents!! Yay for surprises in the mail... good mail days! :)

  6. Wonderful list, Linda. I really must start doing this.
    I esp. like the "smell of mountain laurel"--that must be heavenly!