Saturday, March 19, 2011

Simplifying Sunday

Several years ago we began attending our church's Saturday evening service. For this girl, brought up in a church where there were rather a lot of rules, it seemed somehow "wrong." After all, weren't we supposed to worship on the sabbath (which in my mind had always been Sunday)? I felt guilty taking my walk on Sunday mornings and watching the cars go by, filled with families heading to church. I secretly wished for a tee shirt that stated in no uncertain terms, "I Attend Saturday Evening Service!"

However, in time I got over it and have come to love the relaxed atmosphere of worship on a Saturday evening and the gift of a whole Sunday stretching out before me.

At first I thought it would be a good day to quietly do the things I have little time for during the week. Perhaps write a letter or two or a visit with my parents; do some reading or quietly work on handwork. The one thing that kept getting in the way of those good intentions was my laptop. A decision to "just check email" inevitably ended with so much time spent online there was little left to do those other things.

At one point I decided I just wouldn't turn the computer on on Sunday. It was, I'm ashamed to admit, difficult. I kept thinking about all the things I might be missing. I did it for a few weeks and then gradually worked my way right back to where I had been to begin with.

It has been an on-going struggle ever since I began blogging - this attempt to find balance. There is no question that the Lord has been speaking to me about the amount of time I spend here. That still, small voice has been working over-time on this stubborn heart. Then the other day I read this and knew I had to make a change.

I am joining Holley in observing Cyber Sabbath. I want you to hold me accountable! If you see me here on Sundays, you may give me a cyber-wrap on the knuckles. I must at least begin with this (I am embarrassed to think of the number of posts of written declaring that I would be spending less time blogging, all to no avail!).

I am sure this will simplify my Sabbath and relieve the guilt that comes with knowing I am not using the gift of time wisely.

Linking to Cheryl's Simplify post.

Blessings and a blessed sabbath,


  1. My daughter once regularly attended a Saturday evening Church service. It was to make room for all the Sunday services that stacked one on top of the other. I am happy this new worship service, gives you time to quietly reflect on the Lord on Sunday. Your post was lovely!

  2. I like to post on M-W-F and rarely on
    weekends. I find I don't spend too much
    time online then. Also, your blog is a
    blessing to me and I am sure to all the
    others who read it. I hope you don't give
    up blogging entirely, but I would never
    want you to go against anything the Lord
    tells you to do.

  3. There are so many changes that Saturday church would be a difficult transition for me. But maybe it would be lovely to have all of Sunday, as you said. But I can imagine myself doing the same. I find that few people really comment or post much on Sundays. But I would sure miss you if you went away for good!

  4. peace to you in this.
    so much in our lives is about balance.
    we can rationalize and compare, but in the end, if it's something that isn't sitting right with your heart , only you can know that.

  5. I find that God speaks about the same things to me, when I am slow to learn, and He keeps giving me opportunities to learn those lessons I've not yet grasped. This is a commentary on me, not you. :)

    He's clearing space for you, probably for many reasons and benefits, none of which should be about legalism nor shame. Enjoy the rest and the pruning, for out of it, will come much growth.

    Praying for you!