Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I know the words
say the words
hide them
in my heart.
Study the words
discuss the words
sing them
with my heart.
Dream the words
write the words
And share them
from my heart.

It comes to me
through His hands;
bends me to my knees.
Believe the words?
Live the words?
Is what He asks of me.

My poem for One Stop Poetry.



Anonymous said...

it's all good.

Brian Miller said...

its that simple and that complex...smiles.

Dawn said...

You're really on a writing roll!

Glynn said...

It's exactly what he asks - live the words. Good poem, Linda.

Anonymous said...

I love these lines of your poem, Linda:

"It comes to me
through His hands;
bends me to my knees."

Exactly! That's where we get the courage to believe, and live, and obey.

Susanne said...

Love this, Linda! Yes, that is what He asks of us.

Unknown said...

Beautiful, Linda. Trying to live the words over here too. Love to you. You are in my thoughts today.

grammy said...

wonderful writing....(o:

Maria said...

Hi Linda!
Love the words!
Love The Word ♥

Now this verse/ made a song, comes to my mind right now...
"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path..."

What a wonderful meditative poem for me to read just before bed!
Thank you, Linda!
Enjoy the rest of the week ~

Unknown said...

lovely , dear Linda.