Friday, April 15, 2011

On Distance

I'm joining Lisa-Jo, the Gypsy Mama, for Five Minute Friday today. The prompt is "On Distance."


The days are slipping by like sand through my fingers. I watch the hour glass and look back with emotions too intermingled to sort through. Less than a month now and she will walk into the arms of the young man to whom she has given her heart.

I remember the day she came to us all smiles and soft curly hair. Our hearts were smitten from the first. I see her sitting in her little white bed with books, notebooks and writing tools spread out on the blanket; see her wearing her first formal and setting off for the big dance; watch through blurry eyes as she walked across the stage to receive her diploma; look in wonder at the beautiful woman she has become.

When she says the words that will make her wife, she will fly far away from us to live in another country an ocean away. Our hearts will go with her.


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  1. Oh Linda, this is just beautiful. Your love... precious and overflowing. ♥

  2. So beautiful. I am so thankful she is getting married here so that you can be there. Or maybe going to France would be a great thing for you! Well, there's lots of chances for that in the future. Will you share pictures with us? What's the date?

  3. I too have a daughter getting married and can share so many of your feelings. Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a precious post. It is an amazing thing to see your daughter get married. Full of emotions. You are so right, we just can't help seeing them as little girls....a slide show in our brain. A tribute to our love for them.

  5. They are such a handsome couple, Linda! This post brought a tear to my eye...sweet blessings to your girl and her mom and pop who did such a good job helping God shape her heart.

    Have you gone down to San Antonio for the Fiesta this week? I hear it is quite the celebration!

  6. I am feeling some of these
    same emotions as my youngest
    son and his lady plan their
    upcoming wedding. Wish it
    were easier to let them go...

  7. Such a beautiful young woman ... as is your heart.

  8. i hear ya. i hope all is going well in the wedding plans and it will be a joyous occasion.

  9. There is nothing like it. Enjoy the blessing.

  10. oh, she is beautiful... just like her mama.