Thursday, April 7, 2011

Son of Man/Son of God

When You left heaven
You left so much behind-
Son of God.
All the glory, splendor,
holiness and perfect light;
One with the Father
all-powerful, all-knowing
Everywhere present-
Son of God.

You took to Yourself
humble circumstances, frail humanity,
rejection and scorn-
Son of Man.
Walking dusty earth,
surrendering Your will
to that of Your Father,
Living it out as You would one day
equip others to live-
Son of Man.

You sweat drops of blood,
facing a destiny
filled with more suffering
than anyone would ever know-
Son of Man
In Your humanity You cried out
and submitted once again,
Paying the price, saving, redeeming,
once for all.
Son of Man

You endured the cross and
separation from Your Father,
conquered death, and rose again-
Son of Man/Son of God.
Returning home, bearing scars
Forever changed,
for my sake-
Son of Man/Son of God



  1. songs rather like some song lyrics...thanks for the dose of truth tonight...

  2. Forever changed; forever scarred.
    For me; for you.

    Thank you, Linda, for this beauty, this truth.

  3. Beautiful, lovely Linda. I was going to say the same as Brian - somebody needs to collaborate with you on putting your words to music!

  4. Yes, your poems should be set to music. ...endured the cross, conquered death and rose again; the gospel of grace.

  5. Beautiful, Linda! What a Mighty God we love and serve!

  6. thanks, linda.
    this is powerful.

  7. Such powerful words here,
    this gospel of love and

  8. Powerful, God-filled words, Linda. I like the way you've placed and repeated "Son of God" and "Son of Man." Thank you for sharing this with us.