Friday, May 13, 2011

Deep Breath - Inhale Peace

It is time for Five Minute Friday; time to gather together at Lisa-Jo'sfor a little impromptu writing. Today's prompt is Deep Breath:

Inhale and breathe in grace. Exhale and step into the week I've been praying about - the one that finds me see-sawing between fear and faith. Breathe deeply of peace and trust and give Him the worries and the cares.

Step into the surgical waiting room and breathe in the air of uncertainty and worry and exhale a prayer that all will be well. Exhale words of trust and surrender and inhale peace. Set aside the what ifs and rest in the promises.

Breathe deeply and give Him all the worries - the big ones and all the small ones that threaten to loom so much bigger than they really are. Quiet the heart and feel His breath whisper words of love and grace.

Breathe deeply...