Thursday, May 12, 2011

Faithful Father

Weeks and weeks of blue skies and sunshine, the driest seven months on record, gave way to cloudy skies, and we all gazed upward - praying for rain. It grew dark yesterday, a few drops fell and hope with it when the sky once again gave way to blue.

We looked upward and prayed.

Darkness filled the bedroom this morning; there was the distant rumble of thunder - and we prayed. The trees trembled and then bowed before the rising wind. And we prayed. The first drops of rain hit the kitchen window, and we lifted prayers of deep gratitude.

It came like a benediction - a gentle voice in the midst of the storm reminding us that He hears and answers prayer. We sometimes wonder if the cry of our hearts reaches beyond the ceiling of our homes. When the answer is such a long time in coming, the enemy shoots darts of fear and doubt and we begin to despair.

The rain came today, abundant and life-giving, and we raised tear stained cheeks in thanks to the One who never fails.

Thank You Father, for Your unfailing love and faithfulness.

"In those days, when you pray I will listen. If you look for Me wholeheartedly, you will find Me."
Jeremiah 29:11,12

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  1. I'm thankful for the rain for you. It's raining here, too for the second day - I know we need it, but I kind of miss the sunshine that we had for 4 days last week. There's so much snow in the mountains that the run-off could cause flooding. Strange year!

  2. life-giving.
    and your heart for God is life-giving.

    Love to you.

  3. So very thankful for your rain; I wish we could have given you some of ours. The weather patterns are very strange this year. You are so right about the enemy shooting darts of fear and doubt when we don't see immediate answers to our prayers.

  4. As a lifelong city girl, I don't really know this feeling. I have had first-day-of-rainy-season moments, though, and I love those a lot! I'm glad you got your rain and that it was a God moment for you!

  5. I think Blogger messed up the comments yesterday because I wrote that I would have been happy to share our rain with you. But we do thank God for your good rain. Today seems more like March than May; windy and temps in the upper 60s.

  6. Yes, I struggle in the wait, to trust that an answer is coming when the time drags on. I'm so glad for the sweet blessing of your rain and the even sweeter joy of His comforting whisper in the storm.

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