Monday, May 30, 2011

Looking For God in the Moments (with Ann)

I am stopping for a moment and taking a look back over my shoulder - looking for God in the moments with Ann:

We were just finishing lunch. I have a great view of the front yard from my seat at the kitchen table. It takes in the bird bath and the stand of oaks. I watched as one of our friendly squirrels deftly leaped onto the edge of the birdbath and took a refreshing drink of water.

A few moments later, my husband walked out onto the porch with his apple core which he proceeded to throw into the wooded area on the side of the house. He was hardly seated again when I saw our furry little friend again, apple core in hand. He found a shady spot under the old oak tree and sat down to enjoy his unexpected snack. I'm quite sure he was thankful!

- a visit from friends - their help and sweet company sure did brighten the day

- walking with friends

- air conditioning

- safe travels

- the Father's grace in working all things together for good

- the sound of the wind in the trees - like ocean waves

- beautiful music

- good books

- family



  1. I loved the kaleidescope of images and colors in your photos---a wonderful combination!
    Those peaches looked absolutely mouth-watering delicious!
    And your daughter looks beautiful as you already know.:)

    I'm behind on reading and commenting. The last two weeks of school do that to me.
    I did finally read your Sunday hymn just now. That song moves me to tears each time I hear it. My dad used it at revivals just as Billy Graham did---I imagine lots of ministers did and still do.
    An incredible song and an incredible story behind it. I wonder if she had Chronic Fatigue/Epstein Bar/Fibromyalgia: all chronic extremely exhausting and painful illnesses only given a name since the 1950's. Hmmm.
    Blessings to you--Beth

  2. I always give my apple cores to the chipmunks/squirrels and they do really enjoy them:-) I love all the pictures you posted, such simple pleasures that bring light into our lives.

    Your daughter looks so beautiful and elegant in that blue dress, absolutely stunning.

    You mentioned air conditioner...we don't have ours put in yet since it's been such a cold Spring so far but we're in for some serious heat and humidity the next few days and I know I'll be wanting it in NOW! lol

    Always such a pleasure to come visit you on your blog, my friend. xoxo

  3. What beautiful "gratitude" photos and words.

  4. Thanking God with you tonight, Linda ~
    I smiled at the picture of the peaches... I bought some this weekend too ~ oh sooo sweet!
    Many smiles to you*

  5. Love the variety of joyousness - I was thinking the same thing as Pea when you mentioned air conditioning. We have had about one nice day per week this spring, but now it says it's going to turn into hot summer - the run off from the mountains of snow could cause dangerous flooding because it will be happening too fast, after so many cool and cold days. Ah, always something, eh? But I am going to enjoy the warmer air today. We don't have air conditioning, so we'll probably be cranking up the attic fan soon.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  6. i love this peek into your life, dear friend. it makes me want to hop on over and sit outside with you drinking lemonade.... one day?? :)