Monday, May 30, 2011

Looking For God in the Moments (with Ann)

I am stopping for a moment and taking a look back over my shoulder - looking for God in the moments with Ann:

We were just finishing lunch. I have a great view of the front yard from my seat at the kitchen table. It takes in the bird bath and the stand of oaks. I watched as one of our friendly squirrels deftly leaped onto the edge of the birdbath and took a refreshing drink of water.

A few moments later, my husband walked out onto the porch with his apple core which he proceeded to throw into the wooded area on the side of the house. He was hardly seated again when I saw our furry little friend again, apple core in hand. He found a shady spot under the old oak tree and sat down to enjoy his unexpected snack. I'm quite sure he was thankful!

- a visit from friends - their help and sweet company sure did brighten the day

- walking with friends

- air conditioning

- safe travels

- the Father's grace in working all things together for good

- the sound of the wind in the trees - like ocean waves

- beautiful music

- good books

- family