Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I long to know the answers
to the questions called too high
to plumb the depths of mysteries,
find the key that unlocks why.
Then I would own contentment,
and my heart would be at rest
For I would solve the riddle
Of the way that You call best.

The question comes - "What have you done
to warrant such as this;
Created one thing by your word
Brought light from the abyss?
Can you alone put stars in place
or cause the world to spin?
Can you control the seats of power
or know the hearts of men?"

The questions leave me breathless
demanding tongue lies still
In fear and awe the quaking heart
surrenders to His will;
Without desired answers
Without the longed-for key,
With simple trust in knowing
that someday I will see.

linking to One Stop Poetry today