Friday, July 22, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Full

Another week has flown by, and it is time for Five Minute Friday at Lisa-Jo's. She is home and filled with so much to share, hence this Friday's word :



There have been times I've pushed away from a table spread with a bounty of delicious food so full I thought I would never be able to eat another bite. However, in only a few hours time I begin to feel the rumblings of hunger and know that what was once full is now empty.

So it is with my heart. There are times when I feel so full of Him I feel I am complete - like I could run on this "dose" of Holy Spirit for the rest of my life. However, it doesn't take long - sometimes only a matter of minutes - before I realize I need a fresh filling.

I am filled so that I might be poured out; filled so that I might live in a way that brings honor and glory to Him; filled so that I can serve others and die to self - moment by moment.

I am constantly in need of filling. There are pin holes that leak. There are times I want desperately to do what is right and quickly realize that I am trying to run on empty. Without Him, my best intentions fall short.


Please come join us at Lisa-Jo's. I would love to read what your heart has to say about "Full."