Friday, July 1, 2011


Our word for this Five Minute Friday is "welcome."


Most days, as I move within my circle of comfort, I forget that I am shy. That little girl who stood on the outside longing to be the life of the party no longer exists. Or so I imagine.

It is when I step outside of the circle into uncharted territory that she resurfaces - filled with a shyness that renders this grownup woman a little girl once more.

I wanted desperately to be part of the women's group at the new church we were attending. I went to the Bible Study and to the socials, but I somehow never managed to find a way in. I tried - oh I tried - but the circle closed and no one seemed to notice. I finally just gave up.

However the longing to be a part of a Bible study persisted. So I ventured out once more - to a different church this time. I walked into that little room with my heart thumping wildly and felt within moments a welcome that made me want to weep with joy and relief.

The women opened their hearts immediately, and I felt I was home...


Please join us today at Lisa-Jo's. It is a place of warmth and welcome.


picture of my violets - just because they are so sweet!