Friday, July 1, 2011


Our word for this Five Minute Friday is "welcome."


Most days, as I move within my circle of comfort, I forget that I am shy. That little girl who stood on the outside longing to be the life of the party no longer exists. Or so I imagine.

It is when I step outside of the circle into uncharted territory that she resurfaces - filled with a shyness that renders this grownup woman a little girl once more.

I wanted desperately to be part of the women's group at the new church we were attending. I went to the Bible Study and to the socials, but I somehow never managed to find a way in. I tried - oh I tried - but the circle closed and no one seemed to notice. I finally just gave up.

However the longing to be a part of a Bible study persisted. So I ventured out once more - to a different church this time. I walked into that little room with my heart thumping wildly and felt within moments a welcome that made me want to weep with joy and relief.

The women opened their hearts immediately, and I felt I was home...


Please join us today at Lisa-Jo's. It is a place of warmth and welcome.


picture of my violets - just because they are so sweet!


  1. Visiting from 5 minute Friday~ Isn't it wonderful when you find just the right place where you feel "Welcome".
    (sad, tho', when Christians aren't welcoming to everyone, especially the "Shy")

  2. Linda, you could have been writing about me!! Daddy told me once that I was born timid. We used to go to church where a lot of my husband's family attended; sometimes I came home almost in tears. Now we go to a church where people meet us at the entrance with outstretched hands. What a difference!

    Maybe being shy is one reason I enjoy the blogging so much; I can step outside the fear and feel free to have friends I don't have to meet face to face. Does that make sense? Thank you for your five minutes. Charlotte

  3. This was a lovely post!
    I'm glad you have found a warm and welcoming community to grow and learn with!


    P.S. Those violets are positively splendid!

  4. Your violets ARE beautiful. Just hopped over to visit your lovely blog and to google friend follow. Met you last night on that wild but informative (in) courage session. glad to connect!!