Friday, October 14, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Catch

Today's Five Minute Friday's word is change.


I went, humbled by the gift of answered prayer and unconditional love. I went simply wanting to receive what He had for me - trying hard to set aside my own agenda. He went before me, and from the very first moments he whispered, "Catch."

Catch the wonder of relationships formed with words becoming warm hugs, beautiful smiles and anointed words.

Catch the beauty of my creation - the wonder of My Artist's heart.

Catch the words of wisdom and knowledge so generously shared.

Catch the joy of simply knowing that I am here.

Catch the spark that I want to ignite in your heart.

Catch the quiet of the still, small voice.

Gather it all and then give it back to me that others might catch the glory and the wonder of who I am.


Joining Lisa-Jo and the other beautiful hearts at Five Minute Friday. Come join us.