Monday, December 19, 2011

This, Too, Is Christmas

Christmas comes in unexpected ways and unplanned moments. Four generations gather; casual conversation turns to deep and little ones ask about Christmases past. They sit wide-eyed listening to stories about life when little boys slept three in a bed and there was no money for presents or even Christmas trees.

Great-grandpa shares long-go memories and puts things treasured  into young hands;

Grandfathers and grandsons lean into one another;

a Grandson brings Grandma into his world;

the children ask about the spinning wheel that lives in the corner of the living room and watch in fascinated wonder;

the girls spy the wedding dress in the portrait hanging in the bedroom and wonder ...
yes, she has it stored away on the high shelf in the closet.

I watched through tear-dimmed eyes as years were woven into story and the story became a part of young hearts. Family - drawn together by words and love and memories passed from one generation to the next.

This, too, is Christmas.

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