Thursday, January 12, 2012


Finding contentment in the quiet just now:

- reading good books
- knitting a blanket for a little one we haven't yet met
- playing piano
- walking in the clear, fresh air

and pondering what to do with this blog.



  1. I scratched my old one and started a brand spankin' new one. You're one of the first to know. :)

  2. May God bless you as you ponder.

  3. Sounds so wonderful. And I am doing some pondering myself, sweet friend.

  4. There seems to be a lot of discontent in the blogging world this new year. I just have trouble coming up with an interesting post subject; I love to read what others have written.

    I have wondered if you are still taking piano lessons. And, our clear, fresh air is very cold and strong today!

    Hope you continue writing!!

  5. just let the words flow if they are there my friend. You will know what is right for you, but please don't disppear!

  6. Rejoicing as you are finding quiet and contentment. May God bless you abundantly in your pondering...

  7. Hi Linda!
    If you are struggling with your blog - and you are not alone - I have put a link up on my post today which may help to inspire you.

    I really hope you'll continue.

    As an aside, I'm going through The Artists Way by Julia Cameron this year and am already feeling a difference when I paint.
    Less internal criticism, which is always a part of learning to be creative, don't you think?

    God bless . . .

  8. Just start where you are, in the quiet, and let it flow from there, however brief.

    People have different goals for their blogs, I think. Some people focus in on narrow subject matter. Some people tell stories. Some people offer helpful tips with bullet points. Some people share Bible study information. Some people treat it like a laboratory for other writing project. Some people treat it as a portfolio for their artistic efforts.

    There's no right or wrong purpose to one's blog, you know? I think it's what you want and need it to be.

    I'll bet you'll get ideas, in the quiet, as you sit and read and pray and listen and wait.

  9. Sounds like what I've been doing--well not the knitting part.

  10. You know... I have really been enjoying quiet lately too Linda. It has been refreshing. Beautiful flowers!

  11. It's quiet and late here while I play catch up. Those flowers and your words--they just brought me such contentment. And peace. Sometimes we just need to step away and ponder.