Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ride With Me Lord

Hop in Lord,
I want you to ride with me today.
You can ride shot-gun,
if you don't mind;
I feel better when
I'm in control.
Feel free to give me directions
if You'd like.
I'm always open to
whatever You'd like to do.

Traffic's kind of heavy
today Lord.
I really don't like driving
with all those big trucks whizzing by.
Do you think it's going to rain?
The clouds look awfully dark.
Winds picking up too,
hard to keep the car
headed in a straight line.
Here comes the rain;
I really hate it when
it pours so hard you can
hardly see the road.
I think I'll pull over
for a minute - just to,
you know, be safe.

Would you mind doing
the driving Lord?
I'd be happy to sit
in the back seat.

This is better somehow Lord.
Look, the rain has stopped
and the clouds are beginning to part.
I see blue sky.
I think I'll roll down the window
and let the wind blow
in my face.
It feels good to just sit back
and let You do the driving Lord.
I feel safe and secure
even in the storm.