Monday, April 9, 2012

Common Things

I never met her or talked with her, but I have always thought of Ruth Bell Graham as a mentor. As a young wife and mother her words spoke quiet wisdom into my heart. I will never forget reading, "Don't expect your husband to be what only Jesus Christ can be." Those few words made such an impact.

Over the years her words have continued to influence my life. I don't have words of my own to share just now (still dealing with all that cardboard and newspaper), but I read one of her poems this morning that speaks volumes for me:

Common Things

Lord, let mine be
a common place
while here.
His was a common one;
He seems so near
when I am working
at some ordinary task.
Lord, let mine be
a common one, I ask.
Give me things to do
that others shun,
I am not so gifted or
so poised,
Lord, as some.
I am best fitted
for the common things,
and I am happy so.
It always brings
a sense of fellowship
with him who learned
to do the lowly things
that others spurned:
to wear simple clothes,
the common dress,
to gather in His arms
and gently bless
(and He was busy, too)
a little child,
to lay His hand upon
the one defiled,
to walk with sinners
down some narrow street,
to kneel Himself
and wash men's dusty feet.
To ride a common foal,
to work with wood,
to dwell with common folk,
eat common food;
and then upon the city dump
to die for me

Lord, common things
are all I ask
of Thee.