Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pictures Galore!

For those of you who kindly asked to see pictures of our new home. Please view them with grace; we've only been in for a week! I still have a good sized pile of boxes in the garage (not pictured), and not everything has found its perfect spot in which to live :-) We are a work in progress.

So without further ado:

This is where I am sitting right now - on the little patio out back.

Just a few yards in front of me - my favorite spot on these beautiful acres.

Home of the future flower garden. Linds, I dearly wish you could come help me.

The front porch - all ready for company.

The view from my kitchen window - because it is a gift to have a window over the sink!


Living room - still in progress. The fireplace is one of those "blessings upon blessings."

The Master Bedroom. The baby buggy was my Mom's when she was a little girl. I am not sure just where it will live, but it absolutely must stay. My Dad made the cradle for my brother - the little "caboose" who came into my life when I was 18 years old.

I just had to show off my "Easter" cactus. She has never bloomed for Christmas. She much prefers Easter. I think I understand.

The breakfast area - with the hutch my Dad made years and years ago. It has been a part of my life for nearly as long as I can remember. My sweet husband struggled with the house plans to make a place for it, and it fits perfectly!

My desk in the little room we are calling "The Study."

The piano lives in the Study too.

So there you have it - a mini-tour of the new home. Any and all decorating suggestions welcomed!

Blessings dear friends,


  1. Oh, Linda! So excited for you--and just a wee bit jealous. This is all so very lovely. A new home for Easter. Can't hardly buy enough grass for that basket. :)

  2. How lovely, Linda! I'll happily await the pictures as you settle in and feather your nest. I haven't any decorating suggestions..heeeeee.

  3. Linda! (You know I don't use the exclamation point often, don't you?) Again: !! This is wonderful. I love the peek into your new home, and being able to "see" you there.

    Enjoy. And take your time. You've waited for it.

  4. Wow - takes my breath away!! Every single thing is just so lovely. What a blessing after such a long wait. You so deserve it!!

    As for the Easter cactus - our pastor this morning said that Christmas was a good idea, but not nearly as good an idea as Easter!

    We need to come down so Dwight can help you plan your flower garden!

  5. Oh, Linda, I love these photos! And what a beautiful home you have to settle in to now. I am SO thrilled for you. About that garden.....I would love to be able to come and help. There is just the small matter of a rather large ocean to consider..... but that tree you look at is amazing. What are you going to do wit the "acres"? Any ideas? I wouldn't know whether to work on the inside or outside. I would be running back and forth like a headless chicken in excitement! You enjoy every minute - especially the ones out there on your patio. I can just see you sitting there now.

  6. Yay!!! I'm so glad to see these photos. You know what? I see your mark on this place already. It looks so warm and inviting - just as you have been to me over these few years.

  7. What a special place to call home. It reflects your quiet grace already.

  8. BEAUTIFUL, I am a bit jealous would love that kind of kitchen window. Enjoy your wonderful space.

  9. Linda, it is such a beautiful home! I am so happy for you all! It was certainly worth the wait. May your family experience many beautiful times together in your new home.

  10. Thank you Cindy. I'm missing you these days but know that you are being used mightily by the Father.

  11. Your new home is just lovely, dear friend. It just exudes peace and quiet, which is what we all need in our homes. I know you will have a wonderful time finishing getting your pretty nest all arranged as you want it. I hope you and your husband enjoy many, many healthy and happy years together there.

  12. Quite lovely, Linda. The rooms look inviting already with the soft colors on the walls and special furniture. I like how the kitchen is open to the living ara. But my favorite is the front porch. In looking at plans for our home, I am drawn to those with a good size front porch every time. They also have sunporches in the back. :>)
    I'm so glad you're in.

  13. Thank you for posting these pictures, Linda. I'm so happy for you and know it seemed like a long wait; but wasn't it worth it! Everything is so pretty! God bless you both with a long happy life here in your new home.

  14. Oh! It looks so lovely, Linda!
    Congratulations again!

    Enjoy getting more settled in and decorating. =)

  15. Linda... what a beautiful home!! I am so happy for you! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  16. oh Linda, I just love it. what a beautiful and peaceful place.

    God has blessed you! Beautiful.

    much much love,