Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Gift

The gift he selflessly requested,
wisdom to lead his people
in the right way,
was given
with so much more.
All that was asked in return -
faithfulness and trustful
to the Giver.

He walked faithfully
but obeyed only in part.
Surely the Giver
didn't mean to
deprive him of this
one harmless thing.
It was, he admitted,
a weakness,
this love for beautiful
foreign women,
But it would be all right-
just this one little thing.

He loved them
and wanted to demonstrate
that love.
What harm to tolerate
the worship of their gods,
to built an altar or so
just that they might worship
as they chose
What harm?

His toleration of a little,
his slight bending of the rules,
drew him away
from the One he said
he loved.
His toleration of a little,
his indulgence of
this weakness,
led to his loss of

It was, after all,
just a small thing
Just a little disobedience,
a little turning of the heart
done with every good intention.
Until the day of accounting
when the true gift
was exchanged for the false
and all was lost.