Friday, May 25, 2012


Fridays roll around so quickly - don't they? It's time for Five-Minute Friday and today's word is:



How many times have I walked away from a conversation wishing I had taken the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus? What is it that makes me so timid? I don't have to look too deeply for the answer. It has been just below the surface all my life - this fear of offending, of being thought less of.

I type those words and feel the same sense of shame wrap itself around me. But I'm learning; I'm making baby steps toward doing what seems to be so difficult for this inward looking heart. I find myself praying for words - for openings that will lend themselves easily to giving a word of encouragement hemmed by faith.

When I am faithful to do it, it is always the same. This sense that it is not so difficult after all, and although the words may seem weak and inadequate there is the sure knowledge that He will use them in ways quite apart from anything I can conjure up on my own.

He places people and opportunities gently into my life. He is all sufficient to be all that I know I cannot be in my own strength.


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