Monday, June 11, 2012


He lived in obscurity for thirty years, this One whose life changed the course of human history. Quietly, He lived his ordinary life in His small village. Faithfully, He carried out the daily responsibilities that were His - never questioning, never hurried, always faithful - growing in wisdom and grace.

Did He hear a gentle whisper in His thirtieth year - "Now it is time to begin Son."? Or did He just know in His heart it was time to lay down the tools of His trade and walk away from the little place He called home? All of those days turned years had prepared Him for this journey. They had purpose, and now it was time to do what He had been born to do.

Our Pastor spoke about this business of living in obscurity - of being faithful when no one is looking. It seems there is longing in every heart for recognition and approval. Perhaps we have dreamed of accomplishing great things and find ourselves trapped in the mundane. It hurts a bit when the thing we dream of doing is with Him in mind. Surely such pure motives are worthy of success.

Here's the thing. All of the ordinary moments - the ones filled with joy or sorrow, failure or success, health or suffering - are the very ones He has ordained for you. Not one of them is wasted. He can use and redeem them all. His dream for your life may be the one you imagined or it may be very  different, but it is good beyond your wildest expectations.

We don't know the moment He will say, "Now." He asks that we remain faithful in the waiting. When it comes, it may be a great and wonderful thing or it may be just a little something - a quiet encounter, a moment of serving, an encouraging conversation, a fervent prayer. It may be seen by everyone or known by no one. We may not even know the magnitude of it until we leave this earthly home and He takes us in His arms.

Be assured that your life is precious to Him. He has great dreams for you. Rest in the knowledge that you matter so much He would have sent His Son to die for you even if you had been the only one.  When the days seem endless, and you long for something more, just know that He holds your moments in His hands and He understands.